jimmy billyFootball fans everywhere will remember the fateful Monday Night Football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles in November of 1997. Approximately 60 fist fights were waged on in Veterans Stadium. A flare gun was shot from the stands. Not even the restroom line was a safe haven.

That game led to the inception of professional sports’ first in-stadium court system. Overseen by Judge Seamus McCaffery in an emptied out janitorial closet, “Eagles Court” was born. 17 years later, two twins from Philadelphia are about to debut a comedy YouTube series on the court’s legacy titled “Birds Court”. The show is to debut on Monday, October 19, in time for the Eagles Monday Night Football matchup against the New York Giants.

Jimmy and Billy Walsh are the the creators of Birds Court. They were born and raised in Philadelphia. They played high school football for rival Catholic schools and together on the Widener University football team. They then traveled the world as male models and are now developing an acting career in Hollywood, which includes a small role in the “Entourage” movie. Jimmy is also a recurring character in the hit ABC soap opera, “General Hospital” as Vito the hit man.

The two are well versed in “Eagles Court” and McCaffrey’s style of overseeing it. In their younger years, exactly one year before the inception of “Eagles Court” the two Walsh brothers were swept up by police (one in Frankford and the other in Mayfair) for alcohol possession. After spending time in the sweat box, they stood before Judge McCaffrey and Jimmy’s pants fell down once he was ordered to keep his hands out of his pockets.

McCaffrey was a guy who had a hard on for laying out the law. He wanted to be a tough guy. 17 years later, the Walsh brothers made a television show out of it.

Jimmy is the main writer while Billy Walsh is the show’s executive producer.